My Mum's Car Will Not Start Or Unlock...

Hi! Me and my mum went down to the car about half an hour ago and when my mum tried to unlock the car, it would not turn on and we were there for about 10 minutes trying to figure out the problem. My mum found a keyhole on the handle managed to unlock her door side but it didn’t work on the passenger side.

What model is the car?

It is a Toyota Celica 2000 (silver)

When was it last used?

Friday, 14th February at around 5:00PM

Anymore questions? Put in your answer below! :)

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did you try unlocking the car with the key


@lovrtyt Obviously, Yes..


So do lights come on when door is open? Dash lights when key is turned on? Need more information on what the car will do and won't do. To guess I would say wiggle battery cables to get power back or replace keyfob battery.


If the key does not work in the passenger side door lock and the key does not work in the ignition (If you are even able to get the engine to turn over) Sometimes the key can get worn out and wont even register in the ignition cylinder. This happens with older cars, but I agree. Need more info.


try changing the batteries on the key and observe the results.