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white screen with flickering horizontal lines

Hi all. Basically got a phone from a friend who says he dropped it and the screen went white. So i've fitted a new lcd screen but the same problem persists.

Basically a white screen, which you can see the apple logo faded in the centre and horizontal lines flickering up the screen.

I cant get the phone to do anything. Once i plug it into the mains or USB the screen comes on but as i described.

I tunes doesn't recognize any devices. I have been scouring the net for possible fixes and have tried reseting the phone by holding down the home and sleep buttons for up to 30 secs.

Any help will be greatly appreciated thanks.


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Well i have re-removed the logic board, cleaned it all up everything looks fine, the water detection stickers are still white so i assume its not had any water damage and still i get a white screen with flickering horizontal lines running up the screen.

Anyone have any suggestions? from reading up on other peoples problems on this site im coming to the conclusion the logicboard is dead :(

Is it common for logicboards to die from a fall? Not sure how hard it was dropped but it never cracked any of the casing!



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Take a look at the LCD connection.

Below is an image of what the LCD connection should look like (horizontal connection). Note the copper feet and how they are all symmetrical with each other. If even one of these feet are missing/damaged it will cause you issues with your LCD display.

Block Image

If the connection looks fine then the problem will be with your LCD. I have been working in iPhones for a while and not once have i seen the connections fault without any damage to them to cause it. Take a picture of the fault and send the LCD back to the manufacture you received it from for a refund/replacement part.

Hope this helps :)


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Awesome thankyou very much, This is the connector i have my suspicions about, a couple of the the solders look slightly darker than the rest. need to get hold of a decent magnifying glass to have a proper look. Thankyou for your help will see what i can do to clean it up



White screen is often caused by the battery. I'm not 100% sure as to why, however i do know that if you break the conenction between the battery and the logic board (lifting the logic board off the battery for several seconds and replacing) that will usually fix the issue :)

Try that and see how it goes :)


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Hi their, thankyou for your reply.

I used the guide from this site and removed the logicboard and replaced it, however the same problem persists.

I don't have much experience with i phones, have previously just replaced my sisters cracked screen, but this has me totally stumped.

possibly a screwed logicboard? :(



Hiya Chris,

Mine is doing the same but mine is the iPod 4. At first screen was white with horazontal lines and the apple logo was faded and moved down. But now the screen is white/blank and keeps turning its self off. It's fully charged and is recognised when connected to iTunes. I have absulutly no idea what happened, could you help me? Thanks


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