Xbox One S All Digital Edition Does not turn on any more

I ordered Xbox One S All Digital Edition On Microsoft online store. I am outside USA so I had to use middle service to ship it to my country. I bought 3 month subscription plan and started playing. Everything was cool. After 5 days there was power issue and while playing electricity went off. Xbox turned off and when I turned it on it worked but after 10 minutes crashed and asked to restart there was error E200. I restarted but there was same error. After several tries error did not stop and finally Xbox does not turn on anymore. When I push the button it lights starts working but turns off in 5-10 seconds. I can not send it back to USA because the shipping costs too much and Microsoft does not pay for shipping. They offered me I use third party shop in my country but service is almost same price as new Xbox. Does any one have the same problem and offer solution or cause of the problem so i could solve it myself?

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