Wireless Charger Won't Charge New QI Coil

Recently my wireless charger would give me a blinking light, meaning there was something wrong with the connection, and my Nexus 6 could not charge.

After replacing the coil according to your video, the charger won’t register the phone at all.


I suspect that the conduits on the coil aren’t lining up properly in the phone, because the part of the frame that part of the frame is missing.

(Here is an imgur link to the piece I am refering too: https://imgur.com/vIfT3dg )


I’m also wondering if there is an issue with the adhesive on the coil. On my old coil, you can see an orange conduit connecting both connector strips. But on my new coil, that is covered with adhesive, could that be an issue?

(He is an imgur link to what I am referring too: https://imgur.com/nT41bec )

3) Is applying the QI coil to the charger directly, without the back case, just to see if the charger sees the coil something I can try just to see if the coil placement is the issue?

I don’t know if there’s something wrong with the coil placement, the coil itself, or some other issue.

Thank you for your help.

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