Schematic needed - Please help! SHARP POWER SUPPLY - PN in question

I am looking for the schematic for SHARP LC-50UB30U POWER SUPPLY. PN: 0500-0605-0840. I’ve searched up n down the interwebs and no such luck!

Any help is much appreciated!

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Hi Aaron what issues are you having?

Perhaps share with us on it.

what had you worked with?

which section is giving issues? hot or cold side?

Sometimes finding this kind of schematics can be challenging, either buy from ebay / etc...

Anyway it seems , this power board is manufactured by FSP



No back light, LED1 & LED2 showing 45ish V whether the strips are plugged in or not.


Hi Aaron, I'm not pretty sure if you are able to get a schematic, which is a confidential (critical) file of the manufacturer and their own patent's property.