Xbox One S, No Power (Mosfet related)?

So i have an Xbox One S that isnt powering on, now i know that most of the time its one of the Mosfet chips gone on one of the 3 power phase line on the mobo. I first test a ground point and the 3 live pins on the main power socket and i was getting an OL short so thats a good sign its one of the mosfets, i then tested each mosfet on all 3 of the power phase lines the first 2 gave the correct voltage reading of 0.648v one way and then 1.917v the other, but the mosfet on the 3rd power phase line gave a reading of only 0.357v each way with the Multi-meter.

I proceeded to remove the supposedly bad mosfet and replaced it with a new one BUT this new mosfet is still giving me the same reading both was of 0.357v!. Any ideas what the issue could be

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