NOVA 3 Water damage - Indicator was working but not after replacement

Hi Guys,

Sorry for posting this under the wrong model, but the NOVA 3 section doesn’t exist. I water damaged my NOVA 3 at the ocean. I made some silly mistakes like trying to boot it before properly cleaning it. It could be dead, but I cleaned it well with alcohol 99% alcohol.

Prior to battery replacement, the LED indicator was functioning but only blinking letting me know that the battery was too low to boot. It wouldn’t charge. I figured the battery was damaged, ordered a replacement and changed it. Now, I have no LED indicator telling me if the battery is charging.

The strange thing is that this location on the circuit board is actually hot, indicating that power is going through the device. Could anyone point me in the right direction? My goal is to actually see if the phone will boot before I replace the screen (screen is definitely broken). The main thing I want is to retrieve the data from the phone (photos/notes).

Block Image

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