Mid 2009 モデル番号A1278 / 2.26、2.53 GHz Core 2 DuoプロセッサーEMC 2326

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What to do when a Macbook is not recharging after Nestea is spilled?

Nestea was spilled over the keyboard of the Macbook Pro and seeped through to the other side. I opened up the bottom and saw that the nestea hit the top right section of the logic board. I did not go farther than taking off the case.

Quickly power cord was removed and the Mac was turned upside down. However, when the bottom was taken off, a sizzling sound was heard at the top right portion of the logic board.

What is the extent of the damage?

What are the necessary actions needed to return Mac to original state?

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Did you have any sugar in the tea?



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If you didn't fry something when the liquid was first spilt you may have hope. I've taken computers and especially keyboards apart and washed them with distilled water and a toothbrush. Let then completely dry with about a 75% success rate. Your main problem is the sugar. After washing and drying tilt the board back and forth looking for any flashes of crystal.


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All the things I've read on line say to leave it alone for up to two weeks. I spilt warm tea with milk and sugar on my closed apple lap top. I wiped it down with soft towels and used q-tips in all the port openings. Then I unscrewed as many screws as I could and took out the battery. I thought by opening up the housing I would let some air in to dry out anything I couldn't reach. I turned it on two weeks later and it's been running fine ever since. If there is any moisture hidden and the power gets turned on, it could cause the wiring to short out and fry your computer.

Hope this helps!


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Yes, there is sugar in the nestea.

Denice, how much liquid did you spill? Because I managed to spill an entire glass. I was wondering if you manually cleaned the inside of your mac?


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