A1708 - no HDMI output

Let’s start with the fact it’s not my original Logic Board, and I don’t know it’s history. My LB died some time ago, I've ordered a couple of boards and began to inspect which of them will stay with me.

LB 2016, 2GHz - work’s fine

LB 2017, 2.3GHz - work’s. Except, it takes a while longer to boot (strange) and neither detects external screens or outputs any signal.

I’m more than certain it’s a LB’s fault, as it was tested on multiple dougles, multiple cables and two screens. What could be cause of that?

Kind Regards

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FIY: I haven’t found a solution, the seller replaced the board for me.


Glad it's fixed up.

FYI: Slow boot after board replacements can often be solved through SMC/PRAM resets.