Why is my Sanyo 2018 TV no letting me exit the menu screen

Why won’t my Sanyo 2018 TV stuck on the menu screen. Sometimes it just skips back and forth to the different HDM1, HDM2 etc.

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Good idea to include your model number when making asking a question. For a quick temporary fix (which may or may not work), totally unplug the TV from its AC outlet and let sit for an hour. Try plugging it back in after that to see if it's reset itself. Also consult your Owners Manual and/or the manufacturer's support site for any recommended procedures on how to reset the unit.


Hi charlotte caldwell,

Did you try using the buttons on the TV to see if you can navigate through the TV menu settings, inputs, Volume settings etc to prove if the problem is with the TV remote control or the TV itself, you didn't say?

Is there anything connected to HDMI 1 or HDMI 2?

The model number would be very useful