Why is my Sony Dynamic Stereo DR-S5 Sound getting distorted?

I have a Sony Dynamic Stereo DR-S5 headphone that was bought 32 years back before. This time when I connect to my phone and ipod sometimes the Sound gets distorted on each side of the speaker and sometimes no sound on any one speaker. I tried replacing the headphone jack converter tightly connected still have the same problem and I adjust volume control nob to get it clear sometimes work properly, sometimes gets distorted and sometimes oneside of the speaker stop working. I would love to have an advice from any expert here how to fix this issue?

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Sounds like you need to either try cleaning the volume control with potentiometer cleaner or replace the volume control entirely. After 32 years the resistive track inside the potentiometer (the correct name for the component also known as he volume control) is probably worn out and dirty. These conditions will cause audio dropout (like one earphone not working) and static during playback. Might be an idea to also check the state of the speakers themselves to see what kind of condition they are in. Couldn't easily find any specifications on what material was used for the cone but if they used some foam isolator on it that too could be rotting out after this long of time.


Thank you so much sir Prop Man. It's been six months I stopped using sometimes both speakers work when I set and then later static playback happens and I fidel with the volume control what you call potentiometer. I will definitely take your advice How do I remove the potentiometer and where can I get potentiometer cleaner? Is it a kind of an alcohol lubricant?