New Replacement Battery Capacity At 54%

The Google Pixel battery is supposed to have a capacity of 2770 mAh. When I installed the first replacement battery (from Amazon), I went through the calibration steps (let the phone go down to 4%, turn it off, and charge to 100% two different times. Then I waited a week allowing the AccuBattery to do its thing, which eventually showed the battery health at somewhere around 1200 mAh.

I then ordered another replacement battery through iFixit (it had the same HTC sticker on it as the battery from Amazon), went through the same calibration steps, and ended up with a health of around 1400 mAh according to AccuBattery. I can live with this because I’m not going to tear this phone apart again but I’m just wondering if this diminished capacity is typical of replacement batteries. Is it because the replacement batteries were made three years ago when the phone came out and the batteries have just been sitting on a shelf somewhere with their capacity slowly diminishing over time?

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