Trouble heating my Pixel 3 open, tips?

Trying to use the iOpener to heat my Pixel 3 case open a wedge a pick in there. Been trying for 30 minutes now, going to try applying the iOpener to other parts, not just the bottom. Any tips? It seems like as soon as I get a little bit of gap with the suction cup (using two hands), I reach for the pick and then it clams closed again. Thanks!

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Might want to try a spludger rather than a pick. Longer handle and keep it in your other hand which is not using the suction cup. Spludgers are thinner at their insertion end than the picks though you can file picks down to make them thinner too. See the following info on this site for a general idea; you can also check other options in the Tools area to see if other forms might better suit your needs