ios 12.3.1 screen recording audio difficulties

My iPad that is running iOS 12.3.1 no longer records just iPad sound (for example: Sounds from videos, Roblox oofs, etcetera) when I enabled the microphone and tried it out it recorded all noise, iPad noise, background noise (like nearby conversations) but I want iPad noise ONLY.

is it my fault it happened?

is the iOS 12.3.1 update that lots of people had issues with to blame for this issue?

What the heck is causing this issue

it has done it before, how can I get it to do it again?

heres what happened when I enabled use of the microphone:

heres a video of before the problem even started:

These videos are just the best example I have.

also make sure the volume in on and on a volume where you can hear it. You should hear someone talking on the first one and a roblox oof on the other.

Thank you, I highly appreciate your help!

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