Getting an audio port from the internal speaker of a projector?

I’m working on repairing a bad LCD panel on my projector and thought since I had it opened and waiting for part that I could add an audio line-out.

(The speaker is attached by three wires to a plug that goes in the main board)

I’m afraid that the power sent to the speakers may be too much for something connected to it by a 3.5mm female plug. . . .

How would I safely wire a connection from the wires that come from the main board to the 5w speaker.

The technical sheet on the projector says it’s a 2W speaker. I assume that that’s the maximum power that goes to it although the speaker is marked as a 5W model?

Should I add capacitor to connector?

Any advice on this would be helpful.

Thank you.


To clarify my question and intent.

I have a audio wires going from a main board to a 2W speaker.

I want to desolder the wires from the speaker to a female 3.5mm plug.

Do I need to reduce the volts (or total ohms) that go into the plug so that anything connected to isn’t incredibly loud or completely blown out?

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