Xbox one controller repair. Need some help

Hey all. I’ve been repairing my friend’s Xbox one controller for quite a while now. The main problem with the controller is the joystick module, it had snapped. some other problems I also found was with one of the dpad buttons not clicking, and up on the dpad not working. I first started with testing the controller, which showed that both joysticks were constantly inputting a downwards 45 degree angle. I tried some common stick drift solutions, but to no avail. I ended up trying to desolder the joystick module, but my soldering iron is terrible and along with my limited experience, I could not desolder the module. I ordered another controller off ebay that was being sold for parts/repair. I found that the bottom motherboard seemed perfectly fine, so I swapped my friend’s controller’s bottom motherboard with that one. I tested the controller again, and it had the same problem, but now it pointed to the right. I wondered if this was just a problem with my testing software, so I booted up Dark Souls since it was the only game I own which had controller support (I do not own an Xbox) and sure enough the problem persisted with both bottom motherboards. I then thought it could’ve been a problem with the output signal with the top motherboard, so I switched it out with the broken one from the controller I got from ebay, but with both bottom motherboards I had the same problem. Can I have some suggestions? My friend will most likely be expecting the controller to be fixed by Monday and I’m out of ideas on how to fix this thing. I’ll also be posting pictures of my friend’s top motherboard if you guys can see any broken traces leading to the up button on the dpad. Sorry about the low quality photo, my camera isn’t the best. Thanks in advance

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