Cellular radio power off after repair

Galaxy S8 (950U) on AT&T

Battery died, replaced battery. Daughter port was also replaced as there were issues with the USB-C port (something got jammed in there, couldn’t clean it out entirely, only was getting partial connection that was just enough to get a charge).

Ever since, no cellular connectivity. I’ve done a factory reset, cache wipe, checked all cables are connected.

Enterint *#*#4636#*#* and checking cell service I see “cellular radio power” is turned off. Cannot turn on. (attached image) Assuming this is because it cannot see the device?

Block Image

Talked to provider, nothing to do with their end.1

Any suggestions/thoughts appreciated. It’s about time for an upgrade, so if I can’t fix it, not the end of the world. I’ve seen some similar reports of this issue, willing to experiment on this device if it can help someone else.

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