47 re. No Drive. Electrical or mechanical?

47 RE, Automatic Transmission

Hi, i was driving my dodge home in top gear @50 ish mph. and all of a sudden i lost drive. No slipping etc just as if someone had turned a lightswitch off. there were no loud noises and i wasnt really going for it. Ive recently had the transmission fully refurbed and its been perfect since december 18. I was advised to fit a secondary filter after the oil cooler to catch any metal etc from when the trans last failed. I have cut this open and theres no fragments of metal inside. Oil levels are right. i fired it up with the filter off and it seems to be pumping oil around the system. To me it says electrical but living in England knowledge on the amercian vehicles is hard to come by.

Park works, but nothing else does. all the gears are selecting on the stalk though. sorry its a bad question but Can anyone help? before i burn it.

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