foscam fi8919w outdoor camera tear down


Does anybody here have any information on how to take apart the foscam fi8919w outdoor IP camera? The problem I am having is will not pan left and right. Can pan up and down. Any suggestions on how to fix this would be helpful.

Email to send info to.

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Hi @chuck348 ,

Don't know if this is a help or not but here's a video showing how to dis-assemble a Foscam FI8918W PTZ camera.

Not your model I know but perhaps it may be similar enough to give you an idea on how to dis-assemble your camera so that you can see what is (or is not) occurring.

Once you have access and you need further help, take some close up pictures of the camera and what you think may be wrong and post the images back here and hopefully someone will be able to help.

Here's how to do this.



hey jayeff thanks for your help. i will investigate. thank you