Xbox One S won’t turn on

I know this is a pretty common question amongst the community, but reading through everyone’s advice and fixes I am yet to find a fix that works for me (if possible).

I went to go use my Xbox One S after not using it for about a month. I turned it on, then asked me to do the latest system update (which I did).

I walked out of the room at this point for about 5 minutes, walked back in and it had turned off.

I then tried to turn the console on again, but the light comes on for less than a second and cuts off again. The console also makes a noise like it’s trying to start and then cuts off too (you can hear it in the video link). I might also add that the fan doesn’t start either.

I have literally tried everything online from power cycle resets, hard resets to trying to get it started by pressing the eject button constantly. I have also tried different power cables, plugging directly into the wall, trying different wall outlets and even swapping HDMI ports on the TV. Another thing I tried was disassembling it and cleaning the dust out with an air compressor.

If anyone has had this issue before please let me know if there’s anything that you did that may have helped. I’m getting to the point where I think it could be something to do with the internal power supply, but that’s also a guess.


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