Dead PS4 model CUH-1216A, do I need a new mainboard?

Hi, I’m trying to repair a 1216A for a friend. It’s quite dead, PSU does not start main 12V when I press the power button. 5V standby is present, and the ‘syscon’ chip has 3.3V. I’ve traced the signals from the power and eject buttons to the syscon chip, and also the signal to turn on the 12V supply. If I pull the 12V enable signal high, the 12V starts fine. The LED’s are also controlled by the syscon, and they are all turned off, no light at all. Is it likely that the syscon chip is dead, and can it be replaced whitout running into problems with parts ‘matched’ or ‘locked’ to the mainboard or to other parts? And, if I need a new mainboard, will it work with the existing blueray drive, or could it be ‘married’ to the old board too?

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