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Why won't my washer fill for rinse cycle?

Washer fills for wash cycle. Drains & spins normally. However when it's time to fill for the rinse, I only hear clicks. Washer is an LG inverter direct drive top loader.

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If the washer drains after washing but will not fill in the rinse cycle then checking the pressure switch would be a good idea. If the tub is empty you can remove the plastic hose, give the switch a thump and reattach the hose. Does it fill now?

If not then you can remove the violet wire and tan wire from the pressure switch and join them together with a small piece of insulated wire.

Remember to unplug the washer first before attempting this.

With these two wires connected the washer will fill if the pressure switch is the problem.

According to your specific model number the color of the wires may differ.


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You may have a bad timer and need to replace it. The timer controls every cycle that the washer does. I’m sure that the manufacture will ship you one if you can provide the model number/serial number. I hope this helps. Bluesman01


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