freezer is not freezing

my garage refrigerator (fridigidare one yr old) when weather seems to cool down the freezer is letting food thaw, refer side ok . what could be the cause

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What is the model number of the Frigidaire refrigerator?

Is it older than 12 months or younger than 12 months?

If less than 12 months old, check the manufacturer's warranty provisions about what to do to make a claim for a warranty repair. It might save you some money depending on what the problem is. Never hurts to check the warranty first to see if it is still valid or not, especially when close to the end date.

If out of warranty the model number will help to narrow down the possible causes, e.g. does the fridge have one or two evaporator units etc which may be the reason that the freezer is warm but the fridge is OK?

Is the freezer thermostat (or thermistor) or even the control board OK? The freezer may be at just below 32 deg F which is too warm but it is still cold enough for cold air to be passed through to the fridge section to ensure that it is at the correct temp. This is in the case of having only one evaporator unit.

What is the temp in the freezer compartment?