Out of range signal on TV


So I just got a second hand PS4 for cheap, this thing was in constant blue light. So after a few repairs it boots how cool is that ?!

The problem is I get a “out of range” message, out of range and not “no signal", so I thought hey that's good it means it is getting signal !

So I tried different HDMI cables, TVs, and tried to get into safe mode, it does work but I can't see anything.

Maybe the problem comes from the HDMI port ? So here I go disassembling the whole PS4 just to check if there's something wrong. I gotta say that from the exterior the HDMI port looks in good shape, no dust, nothing is bent either. And it does look in good shape from the inside too, all the little legs are soldered nothing looks bad.

So my last guests are 1 : something is wrong with the port but I can't see it. 2 it's the HDMI chip that is down. And in both of the cases I don't know how I would change them. I know the electronic theory, but I don't think I'd be capable of doing such a precision soldering, unless it's not that hard ?

I'd like to avoid to take it to a repair shop, as I got it cheap and if I do go and to a repair shop the total cost would probably go to the level of a second hand working PS4.

Anyway, thanks !

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Check the 4 filter's beside the encoder ic