Dark Patch on Samsung UN60KS8000 - Any fix recommendations?

Samsung UN60KS8000 60-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model)

So I have a weird problem with my Samsung TV and I can’t seem to find a fix anywhere online. There is a dark/grey patch on the lower left quarter of the screen (not touching the edges). The weird part about the dark patch is that it ONLY appears on grey screens. For instance, the main menu (see attached photo) or on the YouTube app’s menu. I will post more details like if it does or doesn’t appear on display tests and actual photos of the TV later on today (the picture currently in this post is a generic photoshopped version showing what the dark patch looks like). The weird thing is that when I watch movies or TV shows on it there are no signs of the dark patch, even in dark scenes. To my knowledge, it practically doesn’t exist outside of the menus I mentioned above.

I’ve read some generic fix solutions online like lowering the Backlight levels or turning the TV off, getting a microfiber cloth, and lightly pressing on the screen (swiping from the middle of the screen to the left edge, going over the dark patch). I haven’t tried either yet, but I think the second solution may be an attempt to remove/displace any possible condensation? Correct me if I’m wrong.

Any recommendations on solutions to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated. I can run any recommended tests later on today if needed. Thank you!

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