Can't get into my ZTE n can't find recovery page

Okay so I have a ZTE blade Spark and I actually got a girlfriend of mine because he did some grimy s*** so that was his payment was giving me the phone all he had it wiped clean so everything was already kicked off of it and I put all my accounts in it my Google my Facebook everything everything worked in it every time to my car got impounded and I left the phone in the car and then my brother's girlfriend got a hold of it and she factory reset it now I can't get into anything I can't even bring up like the Google search engine or like try to like put on my top menu screen nothing like I can't put my Google account and it won't take it it tells me there's a problem and the try again in 24 hours it doesn't matter when I try again like it doesn't work is there like a way to bypass that I can't do anything except for getting too late to Vision settings and the emergency phone and then go into like where I would go and sign into my Google account but I can't do anything else I can't even get to the menu on the button on the people at the keypad so like is there a way to Lake rewipe the phone clean again like I don't I don't know if there's an app to do that I don't know how he did that wasn't paying attention to it then but like I got a phone for like six months and I've literally got to use it for like 2 weeks and it'd be nice to have a new phone if anybody can help that be great oh and no sim card I don't think it had one last me I was actually in the one. One was put in sometime but Idk be trying everything . Feel free to send me an email and thanks

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