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2016年3月に発売された4インチのiPhone。ハードウェア仕様は6sに類似しています。シルバー、スペースグレイ、ゴールド、ローズゴールドのカラーが揃っています。16/64 GB容量、Model A1662とA1723

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iPhone SE LCD Screen and Digitizer Replacement

I just replaced the screen and digitizer on my iPhone SE with an iFixit replacement kit. Everything went smoothly and the screen works. However, the touch seems a bit slow and lagging at times. Sometimes it seems I have to tap something a couple times for it to recognize it. I don’t have any ghost touches anymore, which is what used to happen. Now, it is just a little slow to the touch. Is this a known issue? Does this have to do with an aftermarket product? Could it be something with my install? Thank you.

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If the original screen was “only cracked” and otherwise worked well, I would suggest you re-install it to see if the lagginess persists or not. You may have a defective replacement part and that would be the best way to determine it. If you deem the replacement part defective, contact iFixit Support (


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