The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 is known by different models depending on the features. Regular model: SM-T580 (WiFi), SM-T585 (3G,4G/LTE and WiFi) released in May 2016 or S-Pen model: SM-P580 (WiFi), SM-P585 (3G,4G/LTE and WiFi) released in September 2016. It is a 10.1- inch tablet manufactured by Samsung Electronics and their new high-end “A” series.

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Tablet got wet - won't turn on

My tablet got wet. I have shut it off and taken it apart to dry. However, after putting it together the power button isn’t working. Do i need a new motherboard?

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Water damage is very tricky. It can cause a wide variety of issues. If you can get a board for a decent price, then yes, more than likely the board is damaged and needs to be replaced. The battery could also need replacing. You may be better off investing that money into a new tablet, unless of course it’s much cheaper to repair.


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