PS4 Fan To Motherboard Connector

I was taking disassembling my PS4 to replace the fan that had broken and the part which connects the fan to the motherboard i accidentally pulled off and i have no idea where to buy a new part, the actual motherboard piece is fine but the connector for the fan>motherboard (Like 3 wires/pins). Can someone help either tell me where to buy one of these or give me the name of this piece that i need or tell me if theres a way that doesnt involve soldering? Thanks!

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Can you post a picture. I have a good idea what it is just want to recommend the right part.


Replace the fan; the cable is part of it.


The fan i have now is new its just the wire that i showed above that broke. Is there no way to get the cable without replacing the fan? The fan connects to a wire that connects to the motherboard and its the motherboard wire that i need and i just spent money on a new fan :(


You can't (or don't want to) solder, and you already damaged a simple pop-off connector. Not to sound harsh, but what makes you think you'll be able to perform the kind of delicate work required to replace that piece?

If you're lucky you should be able to bust out a magnifying lens and find a manufacturer stamp and/or a part number somewhere on that little gray piece in the picture. (If not there, then look on the part that's attached to the motherboard.) If there's nothing there then you may want to look for a part number on the fan assembly itself, then get your google on by finding a parts breakdown for the fan assembly. Note that "close enough" doesn't always work when it comes to things like this; you need to find the exact piece.

Odds are it's a Molex connector, POSSIBLY this one:

It will be significantly less effort to simply buy a new fan assembly.