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Kenmore french-door refrigerator (model 2537034341B) ice cubes too big


My Kenmore french-door refrigerator (model 2537034341B) has an ice maker built in to the main refrigerator cabinet, separate from the freezer. I have noticed that recently my ice dispenser stopped dispensing ice. I can hear the auger turning and just small pieces/crumbs of ice come out. After removing the ice container and manually operating the auger observed that the pickup barrel at the front end of the auger was not able to get ice cubes in it. Then I saw that this was because they were too big to fit in the openings on the barrel. I took a closer look at the cubes and it appears that the ice maker is overfilling the ice cube tray. I have read that some ice makers have the ability to adjust the cube tray fill time. Is there any way to adjust the water level on this ice maker? Maybe an option would be to reduce the water pressure to the ice maker?

I have also tried to “reset” the ice maker hoping it will recalibrate but I don’t have any results to report yet.

Update (11/26/2018)

I tried to reset the icemaker by disabling it from the fridge controller and then unplugged power from the fridge for 5 mins, and then turned the icemaker back on. This did not resolve the issue.

Icemaker parts reference diagram:

Block Image

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The front cover of the icemaker will need to be removed (pulled off), to adjust the water fill.

To pull the icemaker out, remove the 2 screws on top of the icemaker mold and there should be one screw under it. The icemaker will now be free to pull out and turn, so the front cover can be removed.

The adjustment is only slight and if it still overfills, the water valve may be defective,


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Hi @mayer, thanks for your suggestion. I've taken this icemaker apart several times now trying to investigate this problem and I don't recognize the parts you're referring to. I've put a diagram of the icemaker parts in towards the bottom of the initial question. Could you please update your instructions based on that diagram?





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