My ps4 turns off when I start a game


Hello! I have a problem with my ps4. I recently cleaned it completely and I changed the thermal paste for a better one. The console turns on perfectly, the problem occurs when I want to start a game (I leave a video link on YouTube with the same problem).

I also noticed that the fan does not change the speed of rotation and remains stable. I can notice that there is no air coming out of the back of the console and that it does not extend through the heat sink. It also feels like the air comes out of the sides of the console and does not suck air inside.

I read a lot about this problem and I have the following questions:

-It may be a problem with the power supply: maybe it is not giving enough power to the fan

- Maybe it's a fan problem and it does not work correctly

- maybe the APU is the problem and some unions are desolded

- There may be an error in the temperature sensor that is not indicating a change in the fan speed

I leave a video of a youtube user who has the same problem (it is in Portuguese, but the problem is the same)

Thanks for your help!

(PS4 FAT edition)

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