My Atari Flashback is glitching out

Okay so, I have an Atari Flashback, and when I turn on, at first it seems fine. Until about a minute later every time with no fail, it’ll go to that error screen with the colored bars.

Block Image

Then it’ll glitch and restart. And then it’ll proceed to do the same thing until I turn it off.

Furthermore, the controller won’t even turn on . I hit the power button, the light next the button flashes red for a few seconds, then turns off. And yes, I have tried switching batteries.

Here is an image of my system:

Block Image

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There are more than 8 different consoles in the Atari Flashback series. Do you know exactly what console you have? e.g. Atari Flashback 3



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Hello, try to clean your Atari from the inside and check if there is a black spot on the board or the electronic components, specially capacitors.

Good luck.


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alex ken さん、ありがとうございました!

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