getting down the fuel consumption of a XTZ750

I own an old Yamaha XTZ750 of 1995.

These bikes are famous for drinking a lot. I tried to get the fuel consumption down by rejetting the carburator with a ‘Swiss rejetting kit’ from Kedo (Germany).

This means installing different jet needles, pilot jets and main jets.

It’s very easy to install, but it doesn’t work, the engine runs way to rich and adjusting the mixture screws doesn’t help at all. I keep getting backfire.

The bike is original for the rest, so it’s not due to other rebuilds.

So now I reverted back to the original jet setup, but it would still be nice to know if I can get the fuel consumption down by using this kit.

I’m not interested in going fast, I’m more interested in going far away with my bike ..

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