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Not booting - will a new battery solve it?

Hello everyone,

As of this morning I have been having issues booting up my trusty mid 2010 MacBook Pro 17”

MacBook Pro (17-inch, Mid 2010)

Processor: 2,66 GHz Intel Core i7

Memory: 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3

I opened the bottom and I can only get it to boot if I do the following:

  • Disconnect the battery.
  • Disconnect MagSafe once
  • Reattached MagSafe it and boot with the battery not attached.

Normal booting using just the battery or with charge battery and magsafe also does not work.

Flushing PRAM didn’t seem to help either.

I have also done a system recovery and reinstalled the latest OS and once the machine boots all works as it should.

The indicator on the side of the laptop tells me the battery is fully charged and once I get the laptop booted up without the battery, reattach it and remove the magsafe it powers the laptop. It is an the original one and of course I am getting the battery notification ‘replace now‘.

I would be more than happy to replace it but does anyone know if that will solve the problem. Or could the issue be somewhere else.

I will leave the laptop on without connecting it to the MagSafe overnight to full deplete the battery and try tomorrow to attached the power supply and boot with the battery empty but attached. I doubt it will work but lets see…

I am also thinking it might be my third party MagSafe but I have had it for almost half a year and have had zero issues with this laptop and others.

I guess an option would be to never to thing off that would be less than ideal :)

My apologies for the rumbling message,

Thank you in advance for any feedback and tips.

Update (10/19/2018)


first of all thank you for the all the suggestions!

I think it is starting to look like a power button issue.

Now the only way I manage to boot the machine is to disconnect magsafe and battery.

Reconnect the battery and reattach magsafe AND now the macbook pro just starts on its own.

Which definitely points to issues with the power button. Yes there was spillage but I was under the impression nothing had gotten on the machine.

Otherwise keyboard works fine and the machine runs off the battery (once booted) without magsafe connect.

I will do some research on how to remedy the power button issue but as I understand it is part of the keyboard which seems quite tricky to remove. Will also look into trying to clean the area with the proper liquid lets see…

I also started looking on ebay for a replacement. Still I hope I manage to get the old 17” back on its feet. Oddly enough gotten quite attached to it after 8 year. Plus with an SSD it still runs quite well. :)

Thank again for the help!

It is much appreciated!

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This doesn’t appear to be a power at all to me. Seems to be a power on button issue. Have you spilled anything on out or been into it and possibly mover the keyboard cable. Will it power down after tie have booted using the disconnect battery & mag-safe trick? Once you have it up open a program like Pages or Word and test all your keys.


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If it does boot with magsafe and without battery magsafe is surely good despite is aftermarket and battery is probably bad despite it’s original, after all 8 years is a pretty long time. I’d surely buy a replacement battery based on your description. I’d also buy an original charger, maybe even second hand, but I’d never feed power to my beloved 17” with a cheap and dangerous chinese charger.


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Try to hold the power button down for for about 10 seconds.


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