The 2013 revamp of the desktop Mac series known as the Mac Pro.

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Extremely loud beeping on startup

I was going thru my tech teacher’s back room today and I came across a 2014 Mac Pro. I plugged it in hoping I would have found a hidden gem, but with my luck I got no dice.

As soon as I pressed the power button, there were 5 extremely loud beeps at least 1 second apart that almost made me jump. I unplugged it immediately, and tried again. 5 beeps. I tried the SMC, PRAM and NVRAM resets which all were to no avail.

TL;DR: 5 extremely loud beeps on startup each at least 1 second apart. Tried all the resets. Help!

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Here’s another reference: Macintosh Beep Codes

See if you can recover the EFI and SMC firmware using these:


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@danj I cannot boot up the machine is therefore I can’t try those two things you mentioned. Replacing the CPU is just simply too expensive, so I think this machine is a brick. Thanks for your helpful input!


It still might be possible!There is a special tool you can use to access the service connector on the base to recover the firmware. I'll need to find it when I go home for lunch.


@ajcooke01 - Here's the info MattCard You'll need to ask for his beta card for the Mac Pro


@danj I think I am going to just call it done. There is water damage to the Logic Board that I just discovered now that is beyond repair. I think I’ll gut it and use it as a ruler holder ;)


Gee! Such a waste ;-{ Even if you got the four core Xeon logic board it's a great system! That's what I use for photo editing.


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1 beep = no RAM installed

2 beeps = incompatible RAM types

3 beeps = no good banks

4 beeps = no good boot images in the boot ROM (and/or bad sys config block)

5 beeps = processor is not usable

From what I could find digging through i fix it

MacBook 5 Beep Sound not booting up..


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Yep, CPU board may need to be replaced.


@ambientprotect Thank you for your imput! I upvoted your answer to be fair too.




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