Issues out of the box with my new grand energy phone

I am also having issues right out of the box. First of all there isn't even an option for a blu grand energy in the section that list the different models of blu phones list a few different energys and grands but no grand a matter of fact when u type in blu grand energy in the search box it tells me it finds no matches and only brings up where other customers like myself have typed it with issues. Then my preloaded blu help appndoesn't work haven't even been able to register my phone cause it won't let me. Then everything I try to do I keep constantly getting the msg (:app name) ..isn't responding ..I keep reporting it tho to who and for what purpose I have yet to find out.

When I first logged onto wifi it tried doing a update patch which semi locked the phone I got out of that and told it to run a system check and it rebooted and hard foze...couldn't even turn the phone off ...I was going to go thru the ridiculously complicated task of taking the battery out cause even holding the power button down for 10 secs which should simulate removing the battery didn't work. But on a whim instead waited for the battery to go dead and then recharged it and turned it back on ..luckily that now even tho it keeps reminding me it has an update still to do it won't do it it says it is having verification issues .which I am sorta thankful for cause I an scared it will lock my phone up again

So now in addition to the *** system isn't responding msg and that program or app .etc shutdown on me...and it does that about programs..apps etc I that I haven't even been trying to use and one after another.. it quite frequently has an extreme delay to respond to my commands or even acknowledge anything I do ..such as tap on the screen to bring up the cursor to type takes as long as from 10 secs to 5 mins to bring up my keyboard and sometimes never does it seems frozen nothing responds ..I have to push the power button to activate sleep mode then again to get my lock screen up to get it to free up again in..everything I do is laggy the only thing that varies about that is the degree if it…it's like wadding thru mud to do anything and at times quick sand ….also randomly in the middle of doing things it will just suddenly shut that function down it disappears and leaves me on the desktop..or will suddenly just reboot itself for no reason. I am so frustrated I was so excited to finally get a new phone and truly expected to be very happy with the Blu grand energy and have had nothing but issues from the moment I got it initially charged and turned on. Please help is this a common issue that's been addressed already with a patch or is this something that is a flaws in this model and maybe that's why it's not listed specifically as a model choice for support.?? Or just some honest answers is all I'm asking for ..even if that answer is we don't know how to fix it. I would truly appreciate any advice .. sorry for this being so long I just wanted to be as specific as I can to help pinpoint a solution.


Frustrated but still hopeful

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