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2014年9月19日に発売されたこのiPhoneは4.7インチのスクリーンサイズでiPhone 6 Plusの縮小版です。

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My iPhone 6 is unresponsive in places. Will a replacement screen help?

Hi, I have an iPhone 6 that I purchased from new, I had the screen replaced over a year ago and it’s always worked fine however recently the device has started to play up (I didn’t drop it or anything). Some parts of the screen still work fine, but other parts don’t respond to any touch at all.

I was wondering if I took it to a local shop to replace the screen, would it help? I have tried everything software-wise, like restoring to factory default etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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What you are describing is indeed most likely a failing screen assembly.

A new screen assembly should resolve this. Provided you have no liquid damage.

Sometimes, you may have board failures that cause similar issues (screen intermittently fails to respond to touch), but first and foremost try a new screen.


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Will さん、ありがとうございました!

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