The PlayStation 3 Slim is the second version of the PS3 video game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released September 1, 2009.

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PS3 Slim DYN-001 board missing capacitors, looking for replacements

I got my hands on a PS3 Slim (CECH-2004) with a defective drive for pretty much nothing. Apart from the drive, it worked perfectly fine, so I wanted to refurbish the system and delid it.

The delid attempt with the wrong tools was a mistake, so I chipped off two caps near the RSX, this happened a little while ago so I don’t have them anymore, which means I can’t resolder them to the board anymore.

I need to buy new ones but I don’t know which caps were on there before and I can’t find any schematics for the PS3 Slim’s DYN-001 board. Can you tell me what kind of caps I need? Here is a picture of the caps on a working board:

Block Image

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@shawly you need to post another image but this time zoom out so we know where the components are located in relation to the board. Right now it could be pretty much anywhere. that way it will be a lot easier for somebody to identify the component


@shawly Yes, I noticed your question on another forum and checked for those caps as well. The schematics for the fat shows those values so I think you are safe with using caps that size.



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@oldturkey03 like I mentioned, it's near the RSX, those are the only caps near the RSX's corners.

I've looked at the PS3 fat schematics and they also have those two caps near the RSX, according to the schematics of the fat boards I found, those are both 100nF, 10V caps. To verify this I've ordered a new multimeter with the ability to measure capacity til 100nF, so I can check it against my other PS3 Slim.


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Unfortunately, I am not aware of any schematics available for these units. Your best bet is to locate a defective unit and pull the corresponding parts off of the defective unit and place them on yours. These parts are not likely to be damaged even on bad motherboards. Try Ebay to get a defective unit for ow $$. It will cost more than the individual parts would cost, but at least the parts will be the right ones.



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shawly さん、ありがとうございました!

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