Ps2 won't display picture and sound anymore.but turns on

I still have the ps2 that my deceased uncle gave me 5 or 6 years ago before he passed away around 4 years worked normal with no problems when i got it.but a year close to the ps2 started getting small issues with reading game cds.then it progressed with minor glitches,character models disappearing and some freezing in game for some day i was playing a game and it was going normal for a while.then the image went off.i turned off and on my ps2 again.but the boot screen would either freeze,go to the menu then freeze and cut off the image or when i would insert my kingdom hearts 2 game and begin a new file.the first scene would run normal close to 10 seconds to a minute then it would cut off both image and i get neither.but it turns on and the tray works.i been trying to figure out myself but i'm not sure what's up.i tried on a different tv and even try a different cable or moving the inputs.

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