Black Screen but Normal Touch Activity and Backlight after Teardown

My surface pro 4's power button was broken, the metal dome switch came off. So I have to tear it down. I took the screen off but broke one of the antenna, strangely I haven't met any signal problem yet. I also managed to take out the left speaker without removing the heat sink.

I stick the metal dome switch back and reassemble the pro 4(I haven't glued the frame yet). However, when I restart it, everything was fine except the screen. My external monitor works, but the original monitor only have touch activity and backlight. I can write things with pen, and I can see correct information like resolution and scaling in win10, but the screen doesn't show anything.

I have tried to un/reinstall the monitor, plug in and plug off the two monitor cable, and run surface's analytical tool. But none of it works. Could it be that I destroyed something during the teardown, or maybe it is because I haven't glued the frame? Thanks!

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