Flash don't work , Initial data (date time etc.) lost after bat change

While I was hiking in hot weather and high humidity my sweat dropping from face and skin hit the camer top side. I was sweating a lot. Most likely this somehow got into the camera. After some time the camera didn't work at all.

We put it into a pot filled with dry rice to take the humidity out of the camera and after a night she worked again - at least to most extend.

Flashlight doesn't work any more and when I remove the battery or do not use the camera for a longer time the basic settings (date, time, timezone) are lost and have to be re-installed.

Question: Do you think with a kind of deep cleaning of the inside components I can get the camera back into full functionality or do I have to replace the mainboard?

And if I would have to replace the main board, where can I get it from?

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