A1706 / EMC 3071—Released in November 2016, this 13" Macbook Pro introduces the OLED Touch Bar. Features a dual-core "Skylake" Intel Core i5 CPU and four Thunderbolt 3 ports.

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Display won't light on, but works when connected to a monitor

Hi guys,

I have the MacBook Pro 2016 with touch bar which had water damage that I didn't know of. When I went to the Apple Store, they told me it was covered under warranty and that they would replace the screen. However, I received a phone call the next day where the apple 'genius' told me the computer had severe water damage and it would cost around $2500 to get it fixed.

I went to a trusted 3rd party and had it cleaned for water damage. He told me there was barely any, and that it was mostly on the left side of the computer. Anyways, few weeks after my visit at the Apple Store and few days before I had it cleaned for water damage, the screen totally went black. However, it still works while connected to a monitor. Also, the display itself lights on as long as I do not fully 'open' the lid.

Would this be a 'display ribbon cable' failure? Or would I need to replace the whole screen to have it fixed? I am a student and already spent two years of my savings to buy this computer and thus would like to fix the issue without having to spend too much money. Also, as the computer has had water damage, I assume Apple wouldn't wanna touch the computer anymore?

Regardless, I would appreciate any form of input.

Thank you.

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Liquid damage is like the joker in the deck of cards you never know when it will pop up. As hard as it is to say, you may have a lost cause here.

I can't tell you from your description whats up as you could have a logic board failure (T-CON board) and/or a display. The ribbon cables are part of the display and not replaceable discretely.


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Thank you for your input Dan.

A third party has recommended me to replace the whole screen. Do you reckon that would solve the issue?


I have no idea if replacing the display will solve all of your problems (given the limited info here). Given the design of these newer MacBooks I would strongly recommend you look at getting a replacement system Vs putting into fixing this one.


Hi Dan,

I went to an Apple Authorized 3rd party repair shop. They replaced the screen under warranty because they found no water damage, and I also had the keyboard replaced under warranty as Apple has recognized the 'sticky' keyboard issue. He told replacing the keyboard also meants a new trackbar and touch bar as well. After all the replacements however, during the final test, he told me everything was working fine but the camera, and pointed to the need of changing the logic board - which is all I will be paying for.

What I am wondering is, having the screen, keyboard and the logic board replaced, am I now on the safe side? As in, does this mean that whatever effect the water damage had caused is now gone and won't have any implications in the future? - Asking this to know whether I should keep the computer and use it or try and sell it again.

As always, thank you for your help Dan!


Well, your very, very lucky! For all practical purposes you have a new computer! Between all of the swap outs! There is very little left or your original system!

I would say keep it! Unless the RAM or Storage is lacking depending on what your needs are.

You did well here!

The sad part is the value of the system has dropped with the intro of the newer 2018 and the keyboard issues the 2016, 2017 and likely the new 2018 as well, if Apple's statement is correct they did not address the root issue in the keyboards design. Only time will tell here!




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