Sony Xperia Xは2016年5月に発売されました。シングルタイプのSIMかデュアルタイプのSIMが選べます。5.0インチサイズでこのモデルは1080 x 1920ピクセル解像度です。Android OS, v6.0.1。容量は32/64 GB, 3 GB RAMです。

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Phone Screen not working (no touch)


A while back, I dropped my phone in water and immediately disassembled it to dry it off. The symptoms were a screen that either worked perfectly after reboot and then turned black every time the screen was turned on, or a perfectly functional device except that the digitizer did not work. So, after reading some "advice", I soaked my screen in 91% alcohol, leaving permanent marks. Then, I soaked the logic board in alcohol with a vibration assist from a washing machine. The logic board seemed to be fixed, and being a perfectionist, I tried to go a step further by using a food dehydrator to dry the alcohol marks out of the screen. However, after a while of drying (of screen only, vacuum sealed into a container with silica gel and dessicants), the screen digitizer does not work anymore.

My question is this: is the problem with the screen or the logic board? I noticed that some antenna contacts were slightly bent out of shape, but I am not sure what happened to the rest of the board. There doesn't seem to be corrosion. Keep in mind that after the laundry machine vibration, I took the board out of alcohol, but after I discovered the screen issues, I put it in for around 24 hours.

If needed, I can send photos.

Block Image

Block Image

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OK, I am actually out of state right now, I will post once I get back. Yes, I will order the replacement screen later.



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@froggr123 just add your pictures to the question. Use this guide iFixitでの質問に画像を追加する方法 for that. Going by your description alone it sounds like the issue is with your display assembly. I would go ahead and replace that. If the error is on the motherboard, then there is only a slim chance of repair. You would need a schematic which is not available. Sony simply does not have those anymore. Replace the screen and re-evaluate Sony Xperia X LCD Screen Replacement






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Sony Xperia X LCD Screen画像


Sony Xperia X LCD Screen Replacement




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@oldturkey03 I will upload images tomorrow (just got back from out of country). Will order screen later from Amazon. The WitRigs screen does not have a frame, and I don't want to detach the frame for safety reasons. Hopefully the screen is legit. Thanks!




froggr123 さん、ありがとうございました!

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