'BROKEN? ' 'WiFi For Google Pixel

i bought the google pixel xl In my Country (Cyprus) and it is exported from uk and I don't have the receipt that means I can not sent it to an 'official service(to fix it with warranty)'

I contacted to google because I had problem with the Wi-Fi

but they can not help me for a replacement because I am from Cyprus

the problem is that sometimes to make the Wi-Fi work better is that I have to hardly press on the left up corner of the phone(see step 11 on Ifix it guide to see where I exactly press(the place of Wi-Fi chip)) sometimes help me and the speed from 0.5 down and .02 upload goes to 19.7 and 0.8 upload

that means the motherboard need resoldering or there is not good connection with the antenna lines?

sorry for my bad English, I am from Cyprus :)

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