Redmi 4x touchscreen water damage

so my redmi 4x was dropped in water a couple of weeks ago.

it had no problems except the touchscreen and touch buttons didnt work anymore (even the speaker works and my battery is in perfect condition with no damage visible around the lower areas of the phone)

opened it up and I'm seeing water damage both on the board and on the digitizer connector (I THINK that it's the digitizer connector)

im not planning to use the same screen and digitizer (screen got a "tiny" bit of damage when i tried to open it up with a knife while i was half drunk) so im going to order a new screen anyway (around 30 bucks locally) but just wanted to ask before i try, am i out of luck? is anything damaged beyond repair? or can i just clean it with alcohol (i dont have an ultrasonic cleaner)

thoughts? guides maybe? thanks!

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