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モデル番号A1297 Unibody: Early 2009, Mid 2009, Mid 2010, Early 2011 & Late 2011

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What is the backlight fuse from the late 2011 MBP 17?

The backlight fuse has blown on my 2011 MBP 17, so I am looking into replacing it. Does anyone know what fuse I should be looking for? This is a picture of the fuse in question:

Block Image

Is it feasible for a non-expert solderer to replace this fuse, or should I be looking for help?

Update (05/17/2018)

Ok so I have removed the old fuse today (red contacts on photo below), however the component right next to it (green contacts on photo below) also came with it.

Block Image

Can anyone tell me what component this is, based on the photo I posted earlier in the thread?

The IC (blue circle) was also exposed to a fair bit of heat, as the three right hand contacts were at one point all connected with solder, and this had to be removed at length by brushing the iron across them until it cleaned up. Is this likely to be a problem? (sensitive component?)

Answer this question I have this problem too

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@ddebbil the fuse is a 3A 32V in a 0603 package. Always buy more than you think you need and check your backlight circuit for short circuits. Can it be done? Absolutely. If you have never done it before, get a couple of old boards and practice. If totally unsure, get someone else to help you with it.

Update (05/28/2018)

@ddebbil the part circled in green is R4272 which is a 1K 1/16W 5% resistor in a 0402 package and the part circled in blue is Q9807 which is a SSM6N15FEAPE Silicon N Channel MOS Type transistor in a SOT563 package.

Use Kapton tape while trying to solder to keep nearby components from getting damaged.

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I'm not sure on the fuse you should be replacing, but by the looks of it, you wouldn't want to attempt this repair without a good amount of experience with soldering small components. You could play it the safe way and take it in to a professional place but be sure to call ahead and see what their rates are.

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It's also possible you have a deeper problem!

A controlled circuit like this shouldn't be burning fuses. Think how your house wiring allows you to put anything on an outlet if you over load it the breaker/fuse blows but in this case you created the problem by overloading the circuit. Here we can't and or remove things so either the fuse or its soldering is not good often corrosion (rare) or the backlight circuit has a problem (more likely).


I was replacing the clutch cover, and forgot to reconnect the LCD cable before plugging in the battery. I *think* I read that this can blow the fuse, although I'm doubting myself now. Can anyone confirm this theory?


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