Replacing battery & motherboard Nexus 6 still does not work

A couple years ago, I got my Nexus 6 wet, and it stopped working. I let it sit in my drawer for a while, and recently decided to start repairing it. I bought a replacement motherboard and battery and installed both using the guide on iFixit. However, the phone is still not working. I can get an indication of charging when I use a Qi charging pad, but nothing when using a USB. It is not recognized as plugged in when connected by USB to PC. When I try to turn the phone on, there is no indication that an attempt to turn on is being made. The screen is never on at any point.

Two questions:

  1. Is there a way to tell if the motherboard is working?
  2. What else could be wrong with the phone? Is there any damage that I should keep an eye out for?
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