Asus me400c - no charging, black screen, only orange led turn on.

Hello. I have problem with my asus ME400C. After 1,5years without using I cant charge this asus. After 10hours - nothing happen. Only orange led is turn on. Power path from usb connector to motherboard - is ok, 5VDC. On battery pads Iwithout connected baterry) on motheboard with pluged AC adapter:

GND - 1,2 > 0VDC

GND - 3 > 3,2193VDC

GND - 4 > 3,2193VDC

GND - 5, 6 > 0,4123VDC

Battery original, TF600T.

Voltage on baterry - totally dead, 0VDC.


rev 1.4G

There is possible, that motherboard have some protect device which cant charge battery ,which is now dead?

There is possible to charge this battery on lab power supply? If yes, which pins should I have conntect?

So I have only black screen, no charging, orange led flashing on, nothing happen when I click power on. If I plug only usb connector without battery - situation the same.



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