BLU R1 HD will not turn on

I have a BLU R1 HD phone. I recently bought a 32 gb micro sd card for it. I inserted the micro sd card in the phone and was moving some apps from internal storage to the sd card when the problem happened.

I was transferring The Weather Channel app to the micro sd card when the phone froze. The status bar showed 90% in the transfer process. I held the power button and clicked "Reboot". However, the phone never turned on. I tried to hold the power button for over 10 seconds. I also tried to hard reset the phone by holding the power + volume up buttons for 10 seconds. Nothing worked.

Additional info: the red indicator light turns on when I plug it into an outlet or my laptop. When I connect it to my laptop, it doesn't show anything on my laptop. The warranty expired, so I can't send it to BLU to fix it.

Can someone help fix this problem?

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