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I can not find my imei number and Mobile networks is not working

I cannot find my IMEI number on my phone any more after a factory reset. Also mobile networks has disappeared from the connections list. After a factory reset.

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Also it is not acknowledging a sim card is inserted at all.


for what reason did you factory reset your phone?


I did a factory reset to reset the phone to see if I could change the swipe code back to the pin number she gave me and not realising it had a google account protecting it. So I got the details from the lady who sold me the phone and managed to change the account to mine. She also told me it had been water damaged so striped the phone down and cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and dried it out.



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If that issue occurs after a factory reset I ended up fixing it by reflashing the same matching firmware on my phone.

Note that you may lose data on the phone when doing so if you need to factory reset in recovery after flashing the firmware onto the phone:

If that still does not fix it then unfortunately you need to find someone that has the flashing boxes to reprogram the IMEI back onto the phone.


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I'm worried about doing this as the phone still needs to be in locked. Which I'm concerned about as it doesn't react in anyway when a sim card is inserted (no messages at all) Would this reload sim card recognition?


What do you mean by locked?

Anyway enable oem unlocking in developer options and make sure to leave that on.




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